Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Bazinga! opens with a Botborg performance

Bazinga! opens on Saturday at 5.30pm with a live demonstration by the audio-visual performance group Botborg at 7pm. "Botborg present public demonstrations of the occult science of 'photosonicneurokineasthography', as pioneered by Dr Arkady Botborger sometime last century," says exhibition curator Robert Leonard. "Equal parts techno-boffins, psychic explorers, and experimental video-and-music makers, their pataphysical performances use video and sonic feedback to generate a Gesamtkunstwerk of synesthetic audio-visual effects in real time, coaxing patterns out of scrambled, collapsed signals."

Bazinga! is a joint project by Starkwhite and the Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane.
Image courtesy of Botborg