Monday, October 14, 2013

Len Lye advocates ousted in local government election

Supporters of the Len Lye Centre, which was given the green light by the New Plymouth District Council during Harry Duynhoven's time as Mayor, will be wondering what to make of the election results. Dynhoven was trounced by incoming Mayor Andrew Judd, a vocal opponent of the Centre, and councillors John McLeod and Shaun Biesiek, who teamed up with Judd to oppose the project, were re-elected. The Len Lye Centre team took a hit with the loss of Lance Girling-Butcher (chair of the Council's Len Lye Committee) and Maurice Betts and Phil Quinney (both advocates for the Centre) who were not re-elected.
Image: Len Lye, Rainbow Dance (1936) film still