Thursday, April 10, 2014

Jens Hoffmann's new book on the most influential exhibitions of contemporary art

Show Time: The 50 Most influential Exhibitions of Contemporary Art is a new book by Jens Hoffmann covering a period in which "the art world has become globalised, the international biennale has emerged as the ultimate exhibition format of our time and the curator [has become] an all-important arbiter of global art trends and tastes."

Hoffmann has delivered events like the 9th Shanghai Biennale (2012-2013), the 12th Istanbul Biennale (2011) and the first Berlin Biennale (1998) and remains an advocate for the notion of curator-as-artist. "Curating has become a creative act in its own right," he says. Read more...
Image: Cover of Show Time: The 50 Most Influential Exhibitions of Contemporary Art published and distributed by DAP