Thursday, May 15, 2014

An encounter with Rebecca Baumann's Automated Colour Field

Rebecca Baumann is one of 17 artists selected by Yuko Hasegawa  to present works in the Encounters section of Art Basel Hong Kong. Hasegawa first saw one of Baumann's automated colour field works at Sydneys's Musuem of Contemporary Art. "I was imperssed by the contrast between colour and the qiuiet movement of the panel. Her work draws our attention to singualr moments in everyday life, shifting our memory from the formalistic to the aesthetic."

Hasegawa thought the work was well suited to the curatorial concept for this year's Encounters presentation, which focuses on the relationship between artwork and viewer. "As we have seen in her previous works, which have utilised coloured smoke or golden tape, Baumman invites her audience to participate in her work emotionally and physically."
Image: Rebecca Baumann, Automated Colour Field (Variation V), 2014 (detail), 132 flip-clocks, laser-cut paper, batteries, 1550 x 3950 x 90mm (bottom). Presented by Starkwhite at E14 (level 3 of the fair). The artist is participating in Art Basel Hong Kong is with the assistance of the Artflight programme administered by Perth's Department of Culture and Arts.