Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Rebecca Baumann presents an automated colour field at Art Basel Hong Kong

Today we are also installing Rebecca Baumann's Automated Colour Field (Variation V) in the Encounters section of Art Basel Hong Kong, which has been curated by Yuko Hasegawa. Baumann's new piece consists of 132 split-panel flip clocks, each with the number cards replaced with cards of solid colour, creating a vast and constantly changing field of colour. We'll post an installation view of her piece tomorrow.
Image: Rebecca Baumann, Automated Colour Field (Variation V), 2014 (detail), 132 flip-clocks, laser-cut paper, batteries, 1550 x 3950 x 90mm (bottom). The artist is participating in Art Basel Hong Kong is with the assistance of the Artflight programme administered by Perth's Department of Culture and Arts.