Friday, June 6, 2014

MCA announces Primavera artists selected by Mikala Dwyer

Sydney's Museum of Contemporary Art has revealed the names of the 13 artists selected for this year's edition of Primavera, the exhibition for young Australian artists under the age of 35 launched by Cynthia and Edward (Ted) Jackson to honour the memory of their daughter Belinda. The selection was made by artist Mikala Dwyer, one of the four artists exhibited in the inaugural edition of the exhibition at the MCA in 1992.

Dwyer's lineup includes the controversial Melbourne-based artist Paul Yore who is currently fighting charges of producing and possessing child pornography after being accused of creating images that sexualised children during an exhibition of his work at the Linden Centre for Contemporary Art.
Image: Hossein Ghaemi's Frank: Hole up - Hold up (2013). Ghaemi is one of the 13 artists in Primavera 2014