Thursday, July 24, 2014

Utopian Slumps founder teams up with Anna Schwartz

Utopian Slums Founder Melissa Loughnan has joined the Anna Schwartz Gallery and the pair have a lot in common: Schwartz has a 32 year history of running her gallery which began in Melbourne and expanded to the Carriageworks site in Sydney, and at the age of 32 Loughnan has spent eight years running Utopian Slumps, during which time she transformed it from a small not-for-profit space into a commercial gallery.

Schwartz is delighted on have Loughnan on board: "For me, the opportunity to keep the vibrancy of the gallery through the engagement with somebody who is of this younger culture is what I always dreamed of, what I hoped the gallery would be going into the future, rather than a piece of historical apparatus." Read more...
Image Anna Schwartz and Melissa Loughnan