Saturday, May 16, 2015

Michael Zavros' art magazine covers

Michael Zavros is on the cover of two Australian art magazines - Art Monthly and Art Collector. The cover images are of photographs from his solo show presented by Starkwhite at this year's edition of Art Basel Hong Kong and produced through a collaboration with world's highest paid model, Sean O'Pry

Art Monthly also contains a 6-page spread on Zavros by QAG|GOMA curator Peter McKay on the artist's new interest in photography and performance where he acts as director working with models, commercial photographers, lighting technicians and make-up artists. McKay also covers Zavros' first foray into performance presented by starkwhite (with Rolls Royce) at the 2014 Melbourne Art Fair. Zavros worked with Australia's superstar models the Stenmark twins, a Rolls Royce Wraith, and an endless supply of MZ-monogrammed chocolates offered as gifts to guests at the vernissage.
Image: covers of the current issues of Art Monthly and Art Collector Art Collector  (top and middle) and a view of Zavros' performance Forty at the 2014 Melbourne Art Fair